Introductory email from a new member!

Jeremie Carpentier-Roy jeremie.carpentier.roy at
Tue Mar 18 15:06:19 UTC 2014

Hello everyone!

The steps on the QA Team page says to send a small email to introduce
myself, and I like following steps; isn't it what makes a great tester? :P

My name is Jeremie and I'm a software engineer from Montreal, Canada, and
to categorize my past QA work, I would say I've been intermittently
touching the QA-side of software development (writing test scripts, writing
automated tests, tracking/documenting/solving software bugs) as part of my
day job projects.

My plans to contribute to the Ubuntu QA Team is first to familiarize myself
with QA at a much larger scale than what I'm used to, starting small by
getting acquainted with the Tester role and eventually going up to Test

Looking forward to log in IRC and get in touch with you guys/girls. Now,
IRC, that's something I haven't touched in a long time...

See ya!


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