Bug Weekend concluded

Walter Garcia-Fontes walter.garcia at upf.edu
Mon Mar 10 13:51:14 UTC 2014

* Alberto Salvia Novella, es20490446e at gmail.com [10/03/14 14:24]:
>  * Walter Garcia-Fontes (walter-garcia), for being so close to being
> managed as many bugs as Ross Gammon; (although I see it has been not
> from the provided list and mainly not concerning the "Trusty"
> release, which is the one which can take more time to confirm 8-D ).
> Please email me telling what courtesy you want to receive and where.

Thanks Alberto for organizing this, on the courtesy to me don't
worry, if you want you can send it to our Loco team and we can include
it in the lottery that we run after each release party among the
participants (send it to the team coordinator, you can find addresses
at http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu.cat/). 

Now, some (constructive, hopefully) comments:

1) In the part of "confirming" bugs, first I think we discussed some
months ago that confirming bugs is not the most important part of
managing bugs, as there are a lot of confirmed bugs that where
confirmed just because two users saw it. The most important part is,
in my opinion, checking if the reporter can provide more information,
and seeing if it can be triaged. Second I find it almost impossible to
deal with bugs if I don't concentrate in specific packages, issues,
and so on. Otherwise each bug is so different from the next that I
never get on speed on dealing with them.

2) On the part of paper cuts, I find that the list was not very
useful. None of those bugs were, in my humble opinion, really
"bitesize". some of them wouldn't make sense to handle as an Ubuntu
package as they where of an upstream nature, and so on. 

But again, thanks for the effort. Last comment is that I think, and
this is something that we discussed also lot of times, old bugs
shouldn't be ignored, and some effort should be dedicated to clean
those old bugs. This is one of the easiest task for new bug
triagers, but not a nice thing to do, users who get the first answer
after several months of an unattended bug can dedicate you really nice
insults, especially if they have moved away from Ubuntu long ago. But
better late than never.

Walter Garcia-Fontes

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