vUDS Sessions - 1403

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Wed Mar 5 19:05:25 UTC 2014

vUDS is next week, and I've planned some sessions that are of interest 
to us as a team.

As usual, there will be a roundtable session, which is open for 
discussing anything that you would like to raise. Questions, concerns, 
comments all appreciated!

Specific to autopilot, there will also be a roundtable. Again, this is a 
chance to talk about the tool and chat with the development team.

We'll be reviewing all the core apps tests. If you are wanting to get 
involved in helping write and maintain tests for the core apps, this is 
the session for you!

There's a session on testing html5 apps. HTML5 apps are first class 
citizen now in the ubuntu sdk, how best to test them?

There's a couple other sessions as well for app developers;

Talking about best practices for optimizing and releasing your application

Talking about making a proper testing workflow for application developers

I hope you can join us!


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