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Paul White mail at pcwhite.com
Mon Mar 3 17:03:00 UTC 2014

Quoting Alberto Salvia Novella <es20490446e at gmail.com>:

> But I'll consider using plain text only if you could provide me a  
> picture about how you see my emails where you usually read them,  
> along with a list of inconveniences HTML format causes to your email  
> usage.

And there of those of us who just simply want to keep up-to-date and  
contribute to Ubuntu by reading our e-mail wherever we happen to be.

On weekdays, most of my email is read on my mobile phone during the  
day. My data usage is forever rising at an alarming rate as I download  
more and more unwanted content; it is costing me money!

I'm not going to respond further. This list is not about how emails  
sent to it should be formatted. As far as I'm concerned everyone here  
needs to work as a team with common goals and a consideration for  
others.  </shrug>

Paul White
[Just a list member]

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