Adding a link to ubuntu-bug in the Quality contact page

Elfy ub.untu at
Mon Jun 30 20:06:50 UTC 2014

On 30/06/14 18:05, Alberto Salvia Novella wrote:
> Since many people trend to ask in this mailing list about bugs and 
> support, perhaps we can make a warn in the Quality contact 
> <> wiki-page about:
> - Using the ubuntu-bug 
> <> 
> reporting tool for bugs.
> - Using the Ask Ubuntu <> support platform for 
> assistance.
> What do you think?
If you think it necessary to put anything at all then the thing to put 
is the community support link

But I don't really think it's necessary to have anything of the sort on 
that page - maybe the FAQ page.

While looking I see that the list of who is who, where they are, when 
available had gone missing. I've put that back.


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