UOS Users Track

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Mon Jun 2 17:59:30 UTC 2014

Ubuntu Online Summit is approaching. This time it's a bit different from
how vUDS has been in the past. Rather than the narrower developer focus,
this intends to be a full blown community summit. If you've attending
things like ubuntu open week or a classroom session in the past, all of
those types of sessions are welcome and encouraged too.

To help foster these types of sessions, there is a special 'users' track.

"The focus of the Users track is to highlight ways to get the most out of
Ubuntu, on your laptop, your phone or your server. From detailed how-to
sessions, to tips and tricks, and more, this track can provide something
for everybody, regardless of skill level.

Track Leads:

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph
Nicholas Skaggs
Valorie Zimmerman"

I'm happy to be a track lead for this track along with Liz and Val. We are
all inviting you to consider scheduling a session to share your knowledge
of ubuntu. Share an idea, discuss your passion, give a how-to, etc.

Bugsquaders; talk about triaging, bug workflowing, bug shepherding, etc.
Some of the recent mailing lists threads would turn into nice sessions. For
the QA folks, talk about exploratory testing, running the development
release, writing testcases (manual and/or automated).

Regardless of your desire to contribute a session, I would encourage
everyone to take a look at the schedule as it evolves and considering
joining in sessions they find interesting. Here's the full list:

Remember, this track is YOUR track and filled with YOUR sessions. Let's
help make the online summit a success.


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