Alpha 2 test, some thoughts.

Dario Ruellan dario.ruellan at
Tue Jan 28 18:15:46 UTC 2014

>> - System Testing - Some notifications and emergent windows lack focus, and
>> get hidden behind the main window.
> I'm confused by what you mean. Can you elaborate?

Sure. For example, keyboard tests open a window, to test typing or
special keys. Sometimes this window opens BEHIND the main window.
Usually the description of the test warns you that a window will open,
but when don't, you'll keep waiting until realize something is wrong.

> Hehe, I'm going to guess there is a way to turn off suggest as you type;

Yes, but that is not my concern. What I see is that the system uses a
lot of resources trying to find something I'm not looking for, just
because I'm not done typing.
I've tested on a low-end system, typing pretty fast, and the system
usually fires two searches before I'm done, and the CPU spikes
constantly (cores awakes, and I have less battery time).
I'm not sure if online lenses do the same (which means superfluous
wifi activity), but at least lenses in general should have a small
delay to avoid activity while typing IMHO.

Thinking about it again, perhaps there IS an intended delay, but the
low-end system is not fast enough to compute it (I saw this happening
on other systems). I'll try it later to see if I can repro on a more
capable system.

> Picture would help here, but if it's inconsistent, certainly worth a report.
> Design inconsistencies are often missed ;-)

Screenshot attached. As you can see, the black over orange text looks
odd, and also lacks contrast. Also, on the same dropdown, top an
bottom arrows have a black background, and I'm pretty sure they should
have a white or light one.

> Thanks for testing!

My pleasure, I love doing this stuff.
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