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Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Mon Jan 27 21:12:11 UTC 2014

On 01/26/2014 02:25 PM, Jonathan Thompson wrote:
> Hi, I am new to the IT and Ubuntu community and am looking to get my 
> hands dirty on some projects. I have little to no coding ability, but 
> some decent mathematical, writing, and direction-following ability 
> obtained from my chemical engineering degree. I recently installed 
> Ubuntu and attempted to troubleshoot my wireless networking card, and 
> got a taste of some code, and I liked it.
>  I accidentally discovered, however, after about 10 hours of 
> troubleshooting, that simply unplugging my ethernet fixed my wireless. 
> So there's that. I guess I should start as a tester? I'll do whatever. 
> Good to meet you guys.
Welcome Johnathan! In addition to what the others mentioned, I'd like to 
point out we're on social media as well;


Welcome to the team,

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