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Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Thu Jan 23 22:27:08 UTC 2014

First of all a big thank you to the following folks who have submitted 
fixes / new tests, both manual and automated in the past month! I tried 
to ensure all these merges were looked at this afternoon. There was a 
bit of a backlog after being away on Holiday. Sorry for the delay in 
processing them :-) If you ever don't hear back on a merge feel free to 
ping the list or myself!

KI7MT, Jackson Doak, Thomas Molloy, Adam Smith, Elfy, Carla Sella

Also a big thank you to those folks who been helping to test, reporting 
results and reporting bugs, including bugs within our testcases. Alpha's 
1 and 2 are now in the books for the participating flavors. For ubuntu, 
our first image will be produced during beta.

aaronhoneycutt, adam-disc0tech, alexbh, alfredo-pacheco32, 
andrei-bugoiu, apachelogger, bertrand25mtl, brianblevins42, carla-sella, 
cpatrick08, cresh-it, cshubhamrao, danindrey, d-kessel, dsmythies, elfy, 
eric-koegel, fabiomarconi, fcole90, fernan-domp, fnogueira, frandieguez, 
gridcube, hugoangelo, irihapeti, jackyu, j-bardales, jiaowen520li, 
jiri-podvolecky, jjfrv8, jonathan, jr, keith-z, ki7mt, larsnooden, 
lbsolost, lderan, luvlinuxos, lyz, maclin.jun, marco-parillo, 
marcotorsen, moni-schrenk, nio-wiklund, noskcaj, oliviervdtoorn, oneixx, 
paulw2u, phillw, pianoforte, ramrajcg, samuelgabbay, samuelgabbay1, 
sergio-br2, slickymaster, texadactyl, toz, truckinpapa, unit193, 
utlemming, voxtred, walterorlin, wkrekik

I especially want to point out Doug Smythies, who both found a bug and 
provided the fix for it. Can't ask for more than that :-) Good work Doug!

Name not in the list? Take a crack at writing a test or submitting a 
result. Ask for help if you get stuck, we don't bite :-) Or perhaps I 
missed you, in which case I severely apologize and will take my 
floggings later.

Happy testing everyone,

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