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Thu Jan 23 13:20:09 UTC 2014

Here it is the explanation: the Bug Stream Map 

On the other hand, I expect the One Hundred Papercuts work-flow 
<> to change 
over time since, rather than details, what's relevant here is the main 

If you *wanted to help* improving this prototype work-flow but without 
leaving working in your projects, you can easily reuse the work-flow in 
your desired project and give feedback.

Just open one of the lists 
<> and 
change, in your web-browser's *direction*, "hundredpapercuts" by the 
desired project's short name (for example, "ubuntu").*hundredpapercuts*/+bugs?field.searchtext=...

Good day 🌞 <>

El 20/01/14 16:35, Dario Ruellan wrote:
> Really like the idea. The links to the launchpad lists alone are 
> insanely handy.
> I'm also wondering about the order. Waiting to read the proper 
> explanation.
> On Jan 19, 2014 7:36 AM, "Alberto Salvia Novella" 
> <es20490446e at <mailto:es20490446e at>> wrote:
>     Can you make me a *favour*?
>     *Next time* you wanted to manage some bugs, please give this
>     little baby
>     <> a
>     *try*; and then some (picky) *feedback*.
>     Have a nice day 🎏
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