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On 19/01/14 16:32, Simone Guidi wrote:
> Ok now i am confused
> Alberto Salvia Novella wrote:
> > We also have a project for *newcomers*: ? One Hundred Papercuts 
> <>, where bugs are *easier* to 
> manage.
> So i think that is a easier point to start
> Elfy wrote:
> > The hundred papercuts project isn't for everyone - not everyone can 
> code.
> > To test - you need to be able to boot an image and then read a 
> testcase :)
> So testing is easier than The Hundred Papercuts ? or is the opposite ?
> Anyway i'm a programmer so i know how to write code but i'm a newbie 
> with ubuntu.
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QA and bugsquad are 'linked' we're all working towards the same goal.

Testing is easier that hundred papercuts.

If you can code then you would, I assume, be able to do both. I say 
assume because I've not the first idea about programming :)

Alberto Salvia Novella's "We also have a project for *newcomers*" 
doesn't actually mean it's easier.

Hope that makes it less confusing.


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