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Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Mon Jan 6 18:54:01 UTC 2014

On 12/26/2013 07:17 AM, Beau Warren wrote:
> Hello everybody
> My name is Beau, and after several times googling about linux and 
> ubuntu, i finally have it running on my laptop.
> My main reason for installing was to start building android from 
> source for my nexus devices, and from there my interest in ubuntu 
> grew. I decided to look into ways i can contribute to the community 
> and ended up looking into the QA team.
> I have had limited coding experience in school (mostly HTML and 
> python, a number of years ago =P) but am interested in learning more.
> I am also interested in gaming and have been looking into steams 
> involvement in linux gaming.
> I am currently working my way through the 'get started' section of the 
> community page, but if anyone could direct me to where i could be of 
> use, that would be appreciated.
> For reference, the system i am currently using is a HP pavillion g6 
> (intel i7 2.2GHz, 8gb RAM, integrated intel/RadeonHD 7670M)
> Looking forward to helping out however I can!
> - Beau Warren
Welcome Beau! I'm a bit late to the welcoming party, and I do believe 
Jackson and Alberto have given you some good direction. Have you been 
able to get started yet? Let me know if I can help! I would reiterate 
having a look at autopilot if you are interested in writing automated tests;


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