Introducing myself to the Ubuntu Community

Nikola Jovanovic nik_jov_92 at
Sun Dec 7 21:46:53 UTC 2014


First of all, my name is Nikola Jovanovic and I'm Software engineer to 
be, from Serbia. I do know programming in C, C++, Java, Assembly 
Language for Intel's Architecture 80x86 and starting to learn Python as 
well. I don't have practical experience regarding above mentioned 
programming languages but I do learn fast and I do want to contribute to
 the community. I have worked in a team already and I like to look upon 
myself as one of the team members whenever I work with someone. Hope to 
hear from you in a timely manor. 

Best regards,

Nikola Jovanovic 

nik_jov_92 at


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