Recent Changes and planning our future

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Wed Sep 25 19:25:06 UTC 2013

Excellent question Ben!

 From our perspective nothing will change within the team; we as a 
community will all still be under the "quality" umbrella. I suspect most 
of the tasks we'll want to undertake will tie in with the QA team, but 
that might not always be true. The CI and QA teams will work together 
going forward, just each having a specific focus. As a community, we can 
now take advantage of what the CI team is working on with our automated 
testing efforts. If you have the skills and desire to participate I 
encourage you to do so in whatever capacity. I'm happy to help.



On 09/25/2013 01:41 PM, Ben Blankley wrote:
> Nicholas,
> Are the CI and QA teams going to be separate entities with different 
> community members (and Canonical staff), or will they all be collected 
> under the umbrella of "quality", and we just pick and choose 
> whichever tasks need our individual skills more? Right now I know the 
> focus is on getting 13.10 tested and out the door, so I understand if 
> these decisions haven't been made yet.
> Ben Blankley
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