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> This all sounds wonderful. I'd encourage you to not go too crazy with
> setting up lots of infrastructure at first, and instead focus on the task
> at hand :-) UbuntuGlobalJam is this upcoming weekend
>, I think it's a good opportunity,
> but you've not much time to organize.
> Nicholas


I totally agree with Nicholas :)

Let's discuss our plans here on this list first and see how things will
develop and then, setting a new area on launchpad is as easy as drinking
water for me and won't take more than 1-2 min but let's first start
recruiting more testers and discuss over here :)

Yes, I know, I will do my best to pop up on IRC as well but give me some
time, I am not feeling well these days and I am taking this chance to
recharge my batteries :)

At the beginning, here is my suggestion:

To all those who showed a great interest of starting this project
(recruiting more testers), please, start with your team members first to
tell them about this plan. How? simply, send a nice informative email to
your list regrading the plan of Ubuntu QA Team to start a project called
"Recruiting More Testers". Why? because, most likely, you will find more
people who might be interested to help you ;) + you need to raise awareness
which is indeed the whole point of this project.

After this email, you need to focus on the Social Networks. I have used
this area a lot in the last two years and I have accomplished a lot. You
can have many interested people :)

Tip: in order to have successful and active Facebook/Google+ Page, you do
need to interact with your users.

That is the golden tip.

Whenever someone posts, thank him/her for choosing and using the system and
even if you don't know the answer of his/her Q, just direct them to the
right channel where that Q belongs.

Start like that and by time, you will understand what I mean :)

Let me highlight something very important I have talked with Nicholas about
at the vUDS.
There will be so many interested people to test. However, there will be
ONLY FEW who will actually test. More worse, those will be dedicated to
testing regularly are even less. That is why, we have 3-5 active testers
for some communities, such as Ubuntu Studio.

Of course, there are so many reasons for that but I will avoid discussing
that right now.

As a beginning, let's communicate to each and every community about our
need for testers and once my batteries are fully recharge, I will send you
the "posts" or the "message" we need to use. It is important that we use
the same message. We would be super lucky if we managed to get testers who
can help not only with one project but more. Say, helping Xubuntu, Ubuntu
Studio and Ubuntu GNOME.

That is all for now. Let's get started and later, I will communicate more
informations and plans :)

Thank you!

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."*
*Best Regards,

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