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On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 8:39 PM, Jun Ma <maclin.jun at> wrote:

> Hello Nicholas,
> I totally agree with your suggestion about a core group dedicated to push
> all flavor QA. I am very glad to contribute to this work. As Ali said , some
> flavors may have few testers. We can cooperate between different flavors to
> solve some difficult common problems.

Hi Jun Ma,

I am glad that I found one of UbuntuKylin people and had the chance to chat
to :)

Thank you for joining and showing your interest :)

In this case, this is what we have so far:

Ali (me) to be the driver for this project (unless someone has a serious
problem with that :P)
I will take care of:

   1. Handling the communications between the members of the recruiting
   2. Find more testers for Ubuntu GNOME (what I usually do, daily)
   3. Help Lubuntu Team until the position of QA Lead either get Phill back
   or maybe someone else (I do wish and like to see Phill get back to where he
   4. I am already admin for Ubuntu Quality Facebook (Page and Group) and
   Google+ (Page and Community) so that will be good to attract more users to
   join and test.

To find more testers for Xubuntu Team

To take care of:

   1. Co-driver for the recruiting group
   2. Find more testers for Ubuntu Studio
   3. Fine more testers for Edubuntu ??

Jun Ma
To find more testers for UbuntuKylin

To find more testers for Myth and Ubuntu Studio (??)

So far, if everyone agrees and confirms, the above names will work closely
to find more testers for their teams and the community in general.

Now, who will take if for:

I think both Ubuntu and Kubuntu have enough testers but I can't speak on
their behalf, and the more, the better but let's understand one simple fact
that we found this group to help those communities which have shortage with
testers. I do suggest to focus our efforts for those in need at the
beginning. 3-5 active testers is really bad. We need to assist those

  Our team are now calling for more volunteers to contribute for
> UbuntuKylin Beta1 by holding a "Finding bugs" community activity. This is
> our attempt to find a more effective model for flavor testing. But
> the language difference may be the first problem we have to face.  So I
> think multi-language is essential  for regular local testers :P

I thought you guys don't need more? :P
You have the highest population on earth :D

But sure, the more, the better :)
And yes, the language issue is important indeed.

> Best regards
> maclin
> UbuntuKylin Quality Team

Nice to meet you :)

Thank you!

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."*
*Best Regards,

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