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Hello Nicholas,

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>  As part of the last vUDS, we held a session on Quality efforts in the
> flavor world. The largest source of feedback was that more people are
> needed to help with testing.

I was waiting this email with open excited eyes :D

Indeed, we had a good discussion [1] and indeed, QA Teams in general lack
testers. Some Flavors have even less tahn 5 regular testers and this is not
helpful when things get too serious.

> Armed with this feedback, we decided to put together a core group of folks
> who would be interested in promoting quality efforts across all flavors.
> Sound interesting?

Thank you for that, this was needed so badly.

If I may, I'd like to step in and be the driver for this core group with
you of course and anyone else who would like to join is more than welcome.
I have long experience with recruiting (testers, users, supporters, etc)
and I can help a lot. In fact, that is one part of my daily activities
anyway :)

> I'd like to request for volunteers who would be interested in meeting and
> brainstorming ideas to help increase our outreach as a community.

Yes, we do need people to join this core group and help to recruit more

> This would be a small working group of people who are interested and can
> dedicate themselves to put some ideas into action over the last couple
> months of the cycle. An idea needs people behind it in order to succeed,
> and that's the goal of this group.

Totally agree.

If I may propose, I'd suggest to have one member or two members from each
official flavor (Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Xubutnu, Kubuntu, etc) to join this
small group. It is about quality not quantity so no need to so many people,
just few active dedicated people who will work together as one group/team
to recruit more testers.

> That said, you don't have to join a special group to help grow our
> community!


> Ubuntu Global Jam is coming up and I would encourage everyone to
> participate locally or remotely with others, and to incorporate testing as
> part of there jamming.

Seems like a good plan :)

> Social networks and other communities you participate in are also great
> sources to share about what's going on and invite others to join you in our
> quality efforts.


Oh yes, leave that to me ;)

> Thanks everyone!
> Nicholas

Thank you so much, Nicholas for your email :)

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