Welcome to try UbuntuKylin! We need your help to make it better:)

Jun Ma maclin.jun at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 01:48:30 UTC 2013

Dear guys,

     The beta1 is coming soon. UbuntuKylin 13.10 is the second version as a
flavor of ubuntu. We are glad to show that we will integrate the following
feature applications and customizations:
   (1) *Youker Assistant:* a system tool that helps all users to manage
their system conveniently;
   (2) *Chinese Calendar:* a Chinese traditional calendar with Chinese
festivals and solar terms;
   (3) *Chinese Weather Indicator:* a weather indicator tool for Chinese
users  using data from China Meterological Administration;
   (4) *Unity scope of music/picture/vedio:* online search of
music/picture/vedio from popular China search engine;
   (5) *Fcitx input method:* a popular input method framework for Chinese
users which is choose by default;
   (6) *Theme and style:* customization of grub, boot screen, wallpaper,
desktop theme, etc.
   (7) *Third party software customization(selected installation by
user):*WPS is the most popular office suite while kuaipan is a widely
used cloud
disk  in China. We have been cooperating with them to customize special
version for UbuntuKylin.(you can download them on

We are trying to provide a more Chinese style flavor OS for users. Welcome
to try UbuntuKylin and feedback bugs to us. We also hope you can enjoy it :)

Best regards
UbuntuKylin Quality Team
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