A proposal to combine quality and bugsquad teams

Jack Ramsay jack at troop55.net
Thu Oct 24 18:16:54 UTC 2013

I totally think the 4th role is a great idea. SRU may be a tad bit too much for a beginer. I would currently classify myself as a tester. I really think the combining the two teams will make things better and would give us more people to work on bugs. I haven't been around much lately because I've been really busy I would like to get back into working on this again as it is a really good project. How would I go about joining the QA team as I am not sure. 


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> On Oct 24, 2013, at 10:39, Nicholas Skaggs <nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com> wrote:
>> On 10/24/2013 08:49 AM, Matthew Fischer wrote:
>> I'll second what's been said here by Dave. Combining the teams is a good idea. The Bug Squad team could benefit from having more active management. Howver, the Tester role needs to be expanded or perhaps a new role added. As Dave said, people on the Bug Squad do not always run dev releases. Many are still on precise, triaging bugs there. And I think bug triage should be called out as a separate activity.
> Hmm, ok, so we can add a 4th role without it getting too confusing ;-) Shall we call it simply 'bug triager', and focus the activities on doing SRU's and stable release triage work?
> If we do so it might make sense to push the SRU activity to this role from the 'tester' role. Essentially then you would have the following in regards to bugs --
> testers, working on the devel release and doing bug work around it
> bug triagers, working on the stable release(s) and doing bug work around them
> Does that distinction work well? Folks of course can still do both roles, I would just like to define them crisply for newcomers :-) I would like to encourage any current bugsquader's who've only dabbled in the devel releases to take a more active tester role (I think you might find it quite enjoyable), but there is no obligation to change your commitment level. I'm pushing us as a team to run the devel release for the entire cycle and look for bugs as we do so -- I think it's a fun and exciting way to be involved and it will really help find bugs sooner and get them fixed. I think bugsquaders may enjoy doing this also :-) For those bugsquaders adhering to only stable releases, the proposed 'bug triagers' role should fill that niche and contain everything you do today.
> For example, Dave mentions
>> I primarily triage and don't test.
>> Other than one or two dev installs as part of a cycle, I'll tend
>> to only test things in bugs being triaged for repeatability/repeatability
>> on the latest dev.
> I think this is perfectly fine, and I would consider you today to have a "tester" hat on :-) Your current activities wouldn't have to change at all.
> So how does adding the additional role sound? If we like it I'll add it to the wiki.
> The feedback I've recieved on and off list has been positive. Does anyone have any concerns about the transition? Do you know of activites that aren't yet listed on one of the roles pages? I don't want to lose anything!
> I'd like to leave this thread open for a bit longer to collect feedback before we commit one way or the other so everyone has a chance to read and respond.
> Thanks!
> Nicholas
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