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Wed Oct 23 19:26:26 UTC 2013

On 23/10/13 20:10, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
> I agree Jackson it can be hard for folks to attend a seemingly random 
> time for the sessions.
> Any thoughts on producing these and then allowing folks to get the 
> information anytime? Should we make wiki tutorials? Video tutorials? 
> Have open question days after releasing the tutorial?
> Nicholas
Just a quick comment on video's - wonderful things if you've got a good 
internet connection ...

/Basically at the beginning of each cycle now for several cycles, we as 
a team take time to host a series of classroom sessions, or workshops to 
instruct people on specific topics./

Given that - why?

Why repeat the same information again and again.

If we did wiki pages for each topic then would we need to do it again? 
I'd think not.

Now - people want to ask questions - ok, why not have an irc channel for 
it - like ubuntu-quality-questions for instance - people idle in the 
normal channel so it's not too hard to idle in another.

Only refer to the new channel on the wiki's so it's only going to be 
found by people actually reading those wiki pages.


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