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Wed Oct 23 19:25:15 UTC 2013

On 10/23/2013 08:44 PM, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
> It's the traditional time of year for us to plan our workshops to help 
> newcomers build skills and contribute. You can see past sessions here:
> This time around I'm open to ideas about changing the format, 
> structure and topics. Think outside of the box! What ideas do you have 
> to making workshops easier for people to attend? More relevant to 
> people attending? Do we want to do screencasted video?
> Let's gather some thoughts before we come up with a list of topics we 
> want to cover (but don't be afraid to toss in a "new" or "different" 
> topic idea now). After we select topics we'll ask for instructor 
> volunteers and finally schedule them. I suspect most will occur during 
> the month of November / early December once everything is said and done.
> Nicholas

I think that maybe instead of having workshops on IRC it's best to have 
some screencasted videos on how to do things.
I personally find  videos better than IRC sessions for me videos make 
things easier to understand as you actually see whats been done.
More or less something like this was very helpful to me:
maybe put this link in a walkthroug wiki page like this:
So you can go a whatch the video and read the wiki whenever you want.
Maybe IRC sessions can be held for new comers  to ask questions about 
doubts they have after watching the video, but not sure how this can be 

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