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No worries. Let me copy my reply to everyone if that's alright Juan :-)

Basically at the beginning of each cycle now for several cycles, we as a 
team take time to host a series of classroom sessions, or workshops to 
instruct people on specific topics.

So for example, Javier gave a session last cycle on bzr last cycle. You 
can see the log here:

Traditionally the instructor types out the information in an IRC channel 
and folks are able to then ask questions as he speaks. We are trying to 
emulate attending a class like at school, with an instructor and you 
attending as a student :-)

Topics have traditionally centered around skills needed for testing.


On 10/23/2013 02:52 PM, juanfrancois1997 at wrote:
> Hey
> I don't qute understand what do you mean by the term workshops ?
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On 10/23/2013 02:44 PM, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
> It's the traditional time of year for us to plan our workshops to help 
> newcomers build skills and contribute. You can see past sessions here:
> This time around I'm open to ideas about changing the format, 
> structure and topics. Think outside of the box! What ideas do you have 
> to making workshops easier for people to attend? More relevant to 
> people attending? Do we want to do screencasted video?
> Let's gather some thoughts before we come up with a list of topics we 
> want to cover (but don't be afraid to toss in a "new" or "different" 
> topic idea now). After we select topics we'll ask for instructor 
> volunteers and finally schedule them. I suspect most will occur during 
> the month of November / early December once everything is said and done.
> Nicholas

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