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Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Wed Oct 23 16:51:13 UTC 2013

Juan a warm welcome to you! We are very early in the cycle, but there 
are things you can do and help with!

To get started, read about the different roles on the team here:

Since you are new I would suggest following the 'tester' role page:

It lists all the activities you can do to help ubuntu and helps you get 
setup to do so. There are different forms of testing you can perform, 
sru verifications and bug work, etc. Lots of good stuff. The trackers 
have daily images for trusty,  the application tracker is setup to 
report results as well, and the hardware tracker lets you add results 
against trusty too.

If you have an questions after getting started, ask away. Thanks for 
helping make ubuntu better!


On 10/23/2013 12:31 PM, Ben Blankley wrote:
> Welcome!
> I've had success using Testdrive to do prerelease testing on Saucy. I 
> imagine it would also work for Trusty.
> Ben
> On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 10:40 AM, Juan-Francois Jansen van Vuuren 
> <juanfrancois1997 at <mailto:juanfrancois1997 at>> wrote:
>     Hey
>     My name is Juan-Francois Jansen van Vuuren
>      I've never done  QA work before and I have never worked any
>     programming in OS but I am willing to learn and help where i can
>     use my computer skills in testing  new ubuntu software. I have
>     used Microsoft Windows for more than 10 years then i discoverd
>     Linux-Ubuntu and i LOVE it . So i'm new to all of this but I am
>     willing to learn to make ubuntu the best free OS there is on the
>     internet and maybe soon the world.
>     Best regards
>     Juan-Francois Jansen van Vuuren
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