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Thu Oct 10 17:45:09 UTC 2013

Hello all,
Just going to throw out a brief introduction of myself to the team. I
apologize in advance for the anonymity of my identity. Anyways, I have been
a long-time user of Linux, and started using Ubuntu roughly two years ago.
Ever since then, I have completely dropped almost every other OS out there.
In other words, I love it. Recently, I have generated a passion for
progressing the system itself, as well as the community, and want to put in
my share of knowledge into the further progress of Ubuntu. I am fairly
educated in the majority of operations and languages associated with
Ubuntu, and of course, I want to learn more. For that, I see no better way
than to work with the best, and help as many along the way. I am a student
at the moment, and will not be able to be as active as other users.
However, I will definitely spend as much of my free time, considering the
lack of a social life, to the forward development. In the future, I would
like to use some of my work to submit for credit of some sort if needed for
school. Hopefully that's alright with everyone. Sorry for the semi-long
intro, but if you are still reading, I really look forward to working with
all of you, whether it be my starting point of basic bug testing, all the
way up to, hopefully, development of some sort.

Until then,
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