Ready for final RC image testing?

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Wed Oct 9 21:36:03 UTC 2013

Here are 3 easy steps to testing prowess. Do your part to be prepared! 
Let's help make saucy a great release!

1) Review both the critical bugs 
and those found during isotesting throughout the cycle 
This is handy in case you find something during testing and want to know 
if someone has already reported it or not.

2) Make sure you know how to use the tracker and how to test an iso 
<>. When the milestone is 
created and the images appear on October 10th, you want to be ready to go!

3) Test and report your results to the tracker 
<> ;-) Note, at this point in the cycle we 
prefer real hardware results. Upgrade your machine! Try a fresh install. 
If you've been sitting on raring, now is the time to migrate to saucy 
and let us know of any bugs you find.

Note I'll send another note tomorrow once the images are live. Prepare 
yourselves! ;-)

Happy Testing!

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