Changes to the core apps test environment

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Fri Oct 4 20:32:31 UTC 2013

I wanted to make everyone aware of some changes happening to the jenkins 
enviroment that you typically encounter when you propose a merge to a 
core apps project.

As you know there have been some growing pains as we've tried to 
develop, keep the tests all green and passing, and grow out the build 
enviroment. Thank you for your help and feedback throughout the process. 
We've had some rough patches, but it's paying off. The apps look 
amazing, and they have come a LONG way in being stable, runnable and 
usable. Good work everyone. That said, we've been seeing some 
regressions in the lab and no doubt you may have run into issues during 
your merges where jenkins failed your tests because of changes happening 
in the sdk, etc. We want to solve those.

So in an effort to keep things synced up and prevent regressions in the 
dashboard, the CI team is changing the core apps jenkins builds. All 
tests and merges will use the latest version of the SDK always. The 
tests will also run against the latest version of the SDK. What this 
means is no more surprises about toolbar changes, or swiping to delete, 
or activity indicator issues, etc. Any potential issues like this will 
now show up immeadiately when you try and merge your changes.

Now, because the tests are currently looking at and using the archive 
version of the SDK, there are some gaps or differences that need to be 
fixed so we can move forward. The illustrious Francis has run all of the 
core apps against the latest SDK to show up what is causing tests (and 
therefore your app) to fail. I'd like to request special attention be 
paid to these issues so we can close them, get them merged and move on. 
You can see the raw output of his work here:

I'll be opening bugs for each of these and assigning a critical proirity 
to them -- look for them to land in your project soon. This will be my 
priority to help solve next week. I'm here for you! If you need help 
fixing any of the issues, give me a shout on IRC, as balloons. Francis, 
fginther, is also availible if you find jenkins giving you trouble when 
it shouldn't. Thanks again for all of your help!

To a more sane testing future of green,

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