Final RC Testing

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Fri Oct 4 20:16:20 UTC 2013

We're 2 weeks away from release now, and it's time to batten down the 
hatches! Mark your calendars for October 10th. On that date we'll start 
final image testing. This will invovle downloading the image and 
installing and/or upgrading your machine to use it. We love getting 
results from real hardware for this testing! Use your real working 
machines and provide feedback on if it's working or not. We'll be using 
the isotracker at for this work.

I would encourage you to invite others who might not normally test take 
part in this as well. The RC images are "intended" to be release 
quality, so while backups are important (ALWAYS have a backup going for 
your system!), these are definitely test worthy images and should 
provide an early upgrade for most folks and a chance to skip the 
download lines on release day :-)

I'll share more next week, but let's get ready to test. Thanks everyone!

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