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El 26/11/13 17:43, Randall Ross wrote:
> On 13-11-24 05:18 AM, Alberto Salvia Novella wrote:
>> Please have a look at the *search traffic* for ubuntu.com in Alexa 
>> <http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/ubuntu.com> and you'll notice, since 
>> this traffic has increased about a 50% for the last couple of months 
>> compared to any previous epoch, the world is now paying more 
>> attention to Ubuntu than ever.
>> There's another important fact, that is *experience* shows good 
>> software usually takes ten years 
>> <http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000017.html>; and the 
>> development release we have now will be launched in the tenth 
>> anniversary of this community.
>> So all this aspects suggests me we're now in the *turning point*, so 
>> take a deep breath and good do ♣ 
>> <https://www.google.es/search?client=ubuntu&hs=Jza&channel=fs&biw=1233&bih=657&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=luck+quotes&oq=luck+quotes&gs_l=img.3..0j0i24.114849.117522.0.117660.>
> Alberto,
> That is an excellent find! We are on the cusp of "the next big thing" 
> for sure, and thank you very much for sharing the good news.
> We need to get the word out in a very loud way... Let's come up with a 
> strategy to do that.
> Cheers,
> Randall.

*What users really appreciate*

For a long time I have suspected that one *key aspect* for Ubuntu to be 
successful as computing platform is to make simple how to handle *bugs*, 
and to explicit *values* of this community and make look more human.

But this was suppositions only, so I decided to ask *Debian* users 
directly why they prefer their operating system and community; in order 
us to leak this same hits into Ubuntu and spread them into the world. 
The answers from the survey 
can be summarized as this:


    - Because being more protected from power abuse (9)
    - Because being technically more generic (9)
    - Because being rock solid (8)

    - Because applications interoperate well in any combination (5)

    - Because of not using aubergine in the color scheme (2)
    - Because support of been of higher quality (1)
    - Because what you learn can be used many time latter (1)

    Conclusion: because is perceived to be more robust, simple and trustable

What will make success*

So what this suggests me *what's important* now is:

  * To briefly but clearly communicate why *decisions* are made (what is
    not the same as entering a discussion about them).
  * Not to judge *behaviours* of developers outside Ubuntu, but rather
    to let them explain themselves by just asking them questions. We
    will better by recognizing the freedom of making horrible decisions
    (and also behaving bad), because this is the shortest path for them
    to realize their own problems. When noise stops melody sounds.
  * To show off in video why *members* of Ubuntu like to be part of this
  * Till we have a reliable 14.04 release, according to the error
    tracker <https://errors.ubuntu.com/>, to empower community and
    processes around *bug management*.

The drawing room is the first noticed in the doctor*

Because of this points I have already written a plan 
with the help and comments from the Papercuts Ninjas 
<https://launchpad.net/%7Epapercuts-ninja>, to make the "One Hundred 
Papercuts <https://launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts>" project to act 
according to them. This plan basically takes this *steps*:

 1. Making bug *triaging *simple for everyone, by optimizing
    documentation and work flux for the average users
 2. Making a *video* with 5 seconds shorts of Ubuntu members saying why
    they like Ubuntu.
 3. *Spreading* the project around the globe as one intended for human
    being of all conditions comitted to:

      * Making *Ubuntu* shine.
      * Reducing papercuts
        <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/One%20Hundred%20Papercuts/Papercuts> to
        make the *user experience* a pleasure.
      * *Learning* about one of the most pioneering projects in the world.
      * Making *others* achieve these goals.

If done cleanly, I expect all of this to be of *interest* for many 
people from universities; and also those who care of a libre culture, 
Internet, software and society. Or just those that are joyful with 
computing, as me ☺

*A small but differentiating action*

Luckily the hardest action for me to accomplish is also the easiest for 
anyone else as group: if you just can *mention* into the contacts 
a person, team, company or media that will be perhaps interested; it 
will make a tremendous difference. So please do!

Have a good week ☃

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