Policy: filing bugs against Ubuntu packages instead of upstream projects

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at ubuntu.com
Sat Nov 30 06:06:14 UTC 2013

Hi Michał,

On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 10:33:00AM +0100, Michał Sawicz wrote:
> On 26.11.2013 02:44, Ursula Junque wrote:
> >If upstreams don't oppose to that, bugs should only be filed against
> >Ubuntu packages, discouraging the direct upstream reporting. Once we
> >have an agreement, we need to document this to prevent all the confusion
> >to happen again, and then discuss what to do with the previously
> >reported bugs. Oliver (ogra) said there was an email some time ago to
> >direct people to file bugs only against Ubuntu packages but no one seems
> >to find it, feel free to point that out if you think that's relevant.

> I just tried to file a bug against Ubuntu (unity8)¹, unfortunately I
> can't set the status to 'Triaged', or decide the importance. So,
> well... I can't triage Ubuntu (unity8) bugs.

> AFAICT, we also don't get notified about new Ubuntu (unity8) bugs,
> even though I added a subscription for my team².

> Not exactly sure why that is, but the project has Maintainer: Ubuntu
> Developers³, which actually doesn't exist...⁴

> All in all, if all of us need to get added to some global Ubuntu
> team to be able to triage Ubuntu (*) bugs for their projects, that's
> not ideal... Current state doesn't work for us either...

Well, you say it's not ideal; but we are all working together toward a
common goal of producing a coherent OS, and there are benefits to having
consistent policies for bug tracking across the various components of that
OS.  I think the members of your team (and other upstream teams) should
easily be able to meet the requirements for the bugsquad team, and
participate in bug triage for your packages on an equal footing with the
rest of the community.

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