Core Apps: Going for the Green!

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Mon Nov 18 18:57:14 UTC 2013

Thanks to everyone who helped with this effort. I wanted to followup and 
say all the tests in trunk should now be green. There are 3 MP's I'm 
still watching and wanting to merge, but please consider everything to 
be all set. Now the easy part! Let's keep them all green!

Note the dashboard is still running the old versions for the moment, but 
should be updated for tomorrow's run :-)


On 11/07/2013 01:14 PM, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
> The transition to autopilot 1.4 is done! I'm including Didier's mail 
> below, which contains important information for you as well.
>> So, as seen below, the transition to autopilot 1.4 is now done. We 
>> can't release that image because of our sdk breaking backward 
>> compatbility.
>> In addition, as the CI system will be down for the week-end (and may 
>> as well on Monday morning). I think we are at the perfect timing to 
>> try to get back to a green image.
>> If you look at image 14, we have some failing tests:
>> - mako: 
>> - maguro: 
> So, looking at the reports there are some core apps that still need 
> attention in order to be 100% passing. As of now I get to be the bully 
> in making this happen ;-) Let's work on getting each of the apps to be 
> 100% passing and green. If we have flaky tests we'll fix them or 
> disable them. If the tests aren't green due to bugs, let's fix the 
> bugs. I want every merge this cycle to have passing tests, and for the 
> dashboard to stay passing unless there is a true bug.
> So what does this mean? It means I'll be reverting anything that makes 
> the dashboard worse testwise, or doesn't work on the phone. I don't 
> want to have to do this, it wouldn't be fun for anyone. To make sure 
> this doesn't need to happen, please test your merges on real hardware 
> before accepting. If you don't have phone hardware, please add me as a 
> reviewer for all of your merges until all the core apps are green 
> again. I will personally run the tests on my phone to ensure they will 
> pass in the lab as well. Let's not push things that will make the 
> situation worse. The jenkins mergebot is an excellent approximation of 
> the enviroment, but it is not the same as running on the phone. You 
> should check the tests on real hardware before merging.
> So in summary:
> - We need to get our dashboard back to looking green!
> - Merges that make tests worse will be reverted
> - Always test on phone hardware before approving any new merges
> -- Add me as a reviewer if you need someone to test your branch on 
> real hardware and you don't have any
> - I'm going to be a bully to ensure this all happens :-)
> QA Community test writers -- let's help out our core app devs where 
> possible. Check out the issues facing the core apps via 
> and fix them. 
> Propose merges once the fixes are ready. Add me if you lack a phablet 
> device and need me to double check and ensure it fixes things :-)
> Thanks everyone!
> Nicholas

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