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Stefano Negro stblack at
Wed Nov 13 10:44:48 UTC 2013

Hi all,
I am an italian member, I use ubuntu since many years and I would like to
help the QA team.
I have previously contributed with a similar team in Mageia, and it was
very helpful, giving me the opportunity to learn new applications and
features that I didn't know, so I believe that here is similar..... or
surely better !
I have read QA wiki pages that I found mentioned last days in ML and
installed testdrive to have the last synced iso.
Because I found testdrive a little buggy, but i believe it's still under
development, I run the synced iso manually on a separate VM.
I have few questions about organization, because not all it's clear:
* Are only iso under test or also the packages are tested before the push
in the stable updates?
* Is that a list of tests to be done with a priority?

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