Quality vUDS Sessions

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Wed Nov 6 18:16:17 UTC 2013

Just a reminder, here are the currently scheduled vUDS sessions relating 
to quality. Quality sessions typically will occur on the community 
track. It was pointed out to me my original agenda for the roundtable 
was shall we say, "ambitous". So I pulled out almost all of the items 
into seperate sessions, so now we have several more.

Here's the full list broken down by interest :-)

*For folks involved with core apps;*
Core apps test review, checking out what tests we have and what is still 
needed for each core app

Core apps testing workflow review; how can we keep tests green and 
running reliably?

*For test writers;*
Autopilot roundtable session, talking about what's new and what we need 
for ap 1.5, etc

Let's get ubiquity autopilot tests running well this cycle and ensure 
the release process changes to incorporate them too!

*For testers;*
Let's talk about revamping calls for testing to let everyone in the 
community schedule there own :-)

We want to be exploratory testing this cycle on all devices (pc, phone, 
tablet, etc)!

*For developers;*
Let's talk about papercuts for trusty!

A community inspired session on tweaking usb startup creator for trusty

*For everyone;*
QA Community Roundtable, talking about the roles change, our big 
projects, and other things :-)

A blueprint for us to work out the details on merging bugsquad and qa 
community teams

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