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Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Mon Nov 4 18:48:17 UTC 2013

Just an FYI -- we have been trying to stage 1.4 ready branches for all 
of the core apps. Still there will be some turbelence as this happens 
and you might find yourself unable to merge code. Feel free to ping 
myself, balloons, on IRC or send an email if you get stuck. Otherwise be 
patient, and we'll all come out the other side in better shape :-)

Currently some of the core apps tests are failing, and that will be an 
issue with the transition as well. We need to stabilize all the core 
apps tests; it makes porting to 1.4 easier and will ensure our port work 
was successful. Please hold off on committing to trunk during the 1.4 
conversion time window. I'll send another email once it is complete and 
you can merge again.

In this last hours leading up to the merge, please check your autopilot 
tests. If they are failing, let's get them fixed in preperation for the 
1.4 migration.



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Hey everyone,

As you probably saw on the phone mailing list. We were finally available
to promote a new trusty image #10 (the last pieces making unity8 not
passing wasn't due to the image itself).
This image contains (from previous unpromoted ones) a lot application
design adjustments as well as transitions from trusty itself.
We are getting a very good autopilot test pass rate: 96% on both mako
and maguro.
We'll keep people on the stable channel on saucy until next week.

We kicked image #11 to check what the transition brought to us during
the week-end. In the meantime, we are checking the remaining tests not
passing (core apps for most of them).

As well, we prepare transitioning to autopilot 1.4, which is not
backward compatible with 1.3. The plan is:
- on Tuesday, we will release all impacted components (~15 of them).
Team leads are responsible, as discussed last week, to ensure their
trunk is releasable by then. The impacted components are mostly apps,
unity8 and sdk. I think balloon will coordinate the Core Apps side.
Then, nothing enters those trunks anymore.
- end of Tuesday, we put autopilot 1.4, autopilot-gtk 1.4, autopilot-qt
1.4 and xpathselect 1.4 in the daily-build ppa.
- Wednesday (NZ time): Thomi is going, with the QA team support, to
merge every 1.4 branch in those cmoponents
- Wednesday (Europe time), we are going to release those and kick off an
- Finally, we'll give the green light to all upstreams telling that they
are ready to merge back to those trunks against.

Thanks for your cooperation during this transition.


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