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Sun Nov 3 16:03:42 UTC 2013

A very good evening and Happy Diwali (festival of lights) to all from
Bhopal, India! Myself Shubham Rao, 14 years, student of 9th grade. I am
fairly new to QA but not to Ubuntu. I've been running it from the 11.10
release. My experience with Ubuntu has been great, and I've been
recommending to all my friends, always advocating its (many
fabulous) advantages over its (slight) disadvantages.

There's not much adoption of Ubuntu here in my city (the only people
running it are considered too techie) and I want to change this from the
next release itself. I want Ubuntu so popular that it should speak for
itself and there should be no need of advocating it. I want trusty to be a
super dooper hit among people and I know that to make it successful, the
only people who can do this are the people who assure Quality!!

Okay now enough of Visionary talk, here what I've done:
Installed trusty-desktop-amd64.iso on VM

Ready to go!!

Hope we have a great testing time

On a lighter note, coincidently, Trusty Tahr gonna get launched on my birth
date!!! so much is at stake for me.

Thank You

With Regards,
*Shubham Rao*
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