Hackathons for Saucy

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Tue May 21 18:58:14 UTC 2013

Ok, it's time to schedule our hackathons for this cycle. (For those not 
familar with the idea of a hackfest, have a look here: 

I'd like to springboard the autopilot work ASAP, so let's plan one for 
this month. We had three last cycle, or about one hackathon every two 
months. I think we'll end up with a few more than that this cycle ;-) 
It's much easier to host and run them earlier in the cycle, so I would 
suggest the following date/times:

May 23rd from 1200 UTC to 2000 UTC
June 4th from 1200 UTC to 2000 UTC
June 13th from 1200 UTC to 2000 UTC

We can plan more fests after -- but let's start with this. Cadence 
testing should kick off sometime after the last session listed, so it 
would be good to get as much done in advance of that. Does the date and 
times work well for everyone? If not, we can change around one of the 
June dates listed, but I would really like to get the first one in this 
week. I know everyone is ready to dive in again (me too!)!

With that in mind, is there a volunteer who would be willing to put 
together a wiki page for the May 23rd date, ala, 
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Hackfest/20130319? I think we can modify 
the table and drop the 'tester' column and instead instruct people to 
simply assign themselves the bug. The big things for the first hackfest 
is autopilot 1.3 stuff and doing manual testcase review and marking off 
some of the needed cases :-)

Once the page is ready, and your feedback is in, we'll do an official 
annoucement for the first hackfest. Thanks everyone!

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