Autopilot: what's next for this cyle?

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Fri May 17 21:26:43 UTC 2013

i hadn't realised it was for ubiquity, good to hear.

On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 3:34 AM, Nicholas Skaggs <
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>  There's been several folks pinging me about autopilot, wanting to get
> involved and learn about using the tool, etc. So, now that vUDS is over, Iwanted to bring everyone up to speed on what we did last cycle and the
> plans for moving forward.
> So first, a tiny bit of history. The autopilot project (
> was founded last cycle
> after we as a team discovered the tool and started writing some tests using
> it. Our initial goals were twofold:
> Automate iso testing installation via ubiquity
> Write a set of automated tests for every default desktop application in
> ubuntu
> So to quickly give a status on both those fronts, we struggled with
> getting autopilot and ubiquity to work well together. As such, we left it
> sit until we could get more help from the developers of each project. At a
> recent sprint, I roped in thomi and xnox and we were able to get a proof of
> concept working. Fingers crossed, we should be able to implement automated
> image tests for our current manual iso testcases (yay!) this cycle. I'm
> waiting to hear back from xnox to make sure the code has landed in ubiquity
> so we can start on this :-)
> The second effort is to have a set of automated tests for the default
> desktop applications in ubuntu. These tests are contained in the current
> bzr branch. We had various stages of success and issues with autopilot-gtk
> throughout the course of the cycle. I'm happy to report that we have some
> help on this from 2 fronts moving forward. The first is autopilot 1.3
> landed, which should make it easier for us to write testcases. It removed
> the sometimes unity-specific nature of the tool. The second is that pitti,
> and the upstream QA team within canonical are now going to maintain
> autopilot-gtk and help us with any roadblocks we've encountered while
> trying to write the tests. This should hopefully mean we can complete some
> of those testcases that we just couldn't get to work correctly.
> So, moving forward I'd like to kickstart the efforts again by examing our
> documentation for autopilot test writing (
>, cleaning
> up the repository, and scheduling a hackfest
> in order to get together and
> start hacking on some of these testcases :-) If your interested in helping
> out, please feel free to dive into the code, have a look at autopilot and
> get cracking. I'll send a seperate email to help us pick a date for the
> hackfest (which will be about contributing all types of testcases to ubuntu
> of course!).
> Feel free to ping with questions or help on the mailing list as usual.
> Happy Hacking,
> Nicholas
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