Unity : missing drag items to open apps in the launcher feature

saeed hardan hardansaeed at gmail.com
Fri May 17 12:03:40 UTC 2013

i think this feature would rise the quality of unity launcher a lot simply
because it's usage is a daily one ,
the feature is when for instance i have two nautilus windows open and i
would like to drag a file from one
window to the other , i can't just simply drag that file to unity so that
the other window would open and i drop it there ,
instead unity would do nothing .
another example , you are listening to music in vlc and want to add another
track to the list also you can just drag that file to vlc .
similar example , you are watching a movie and would like to add subtitle .

i'm not saying that all the above can't be done , but with this feature it
can be done faster .

I think that this feature wouldn't require much of a programming ,
by guessing i think you would have to give the focus to the app that you
are trying to drop into.

hope you consider this ,
have a nice day.
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