Number of bugs in Ubuntu 13.04

Gabor Toth at
Tue May 7 10:37:09 UTC 2013

Thanks, I will check those out and file the reports.


On 05/06/2013 11:30 PM, Charles Profitt wrote:
> There are some docs on the bug squad wiki that should help. In general
> if you report a bug people will assist with getting the correct
> package. In all honesty bug reports have a better chance of being
> addressed on the development version.
> Gabor Toth < at> wrote:
> Yea, that is how far I got with my guessing.  4 GB RAM should be
> enough, especially as I have 6 or 8 GB Swap.  Never before did I run
> out of that.
> Anyhow, as I said I would be willing to file the reports, just need a
> hint under what package do I do it.  This is why I wrote here.  If
> there is another list I should write to please let me know too.  I am
> willing to put time and work into this so it can be fixed for all 
> (including me of course ;-) )
> G
> On 05/06/2013 11:16 PM, Jackson Doak wrote:
>> sorry, i don't know. i'm guessing "1" was a lack of RAM/Swap
>> On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 7:13 AM, Gabor Toth < at
>> < at>> wrote:
>>     Hi Jason,
>>     Any suggestion under what package do I file the bug?  I have
>>     actually no idea what, especially on point 1, I do not know what
>>     froze the system up.  Same on 2 and 3.  On 4 I guess that is the
>>     Alsa package, or something else?  Can you give me some suggestions?
>>     Thanks.
>>     G
>>     On 05/06/2013 11:09 PM, Jackson Doak wrote:
>>>     file bugs for everything, then try and see if they affect
>>>     quantal or saucy as well.
>>>     use "ubuntu-bug PACKAGE" to file bugs.
>>>     On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 7:07 AM, Gabor Toth < at
>>>     < at>> wrote:
>>>         I have been running 12.10 and it was very stable for me. 
>>>         Then recently upgraded to 13.04 and while the upgrade went
>>>         well and I like the new stuff and changes (not a lot, but
>>>         still nice) there a number of bugs which I was a bit
>>>         startled about and did not know what bug report to file or
>>>         how to go about reporting it.  I have some time I could
>>>         spend helping on the fixing of these and thus please feel
>>>         free to shoot at me things that I should do to provide more
>>>         data or test things and so on.  As a general data I am
>>>         running UBUNTU 13.04 on a Dell Inspirion 17R with 4 Gb RAM. 
>>>         I also have an external screen, an LG small flat screen TV
>>>         connected through HDMI.  Here is the list:
>>>          1. Since installation the system froze up entirely 3
>>>             times.  The last time I had Google Chrome, GIMP,
>>>             Libreoffice Writer open and I was just talking on
>>>             Skype.  The whole system froze but I could still
>>>             continue speak on Skype - it was weird.  Nothing worked
>>>             from there.  The mouse moved, but no response to
>>>             clicks.  Tried Ctrl+Alt+F1 - no response, beside some
>>>             hard disk activity, but no change on the screen.  Then
>>>             tried Ctrl+Alt+Del a number of times and beside some
>>>             hard disk activity, no change - or actually the mouse
>>>             cursor have disappeared.  Had to do a total hard
>>>             shutdown with the power button kept in for 5 sec.  The
>>>             system started up normal after.
>>>          2. Not sure if related to the above, but two times I had a
>>>             problem with shutting the system down.  I clicked on
>>>             shut down however during the shut down sequence the
>>>             system froze or at least did not continue.  The "dots"
>>>             kept moving like something is still happening, but no
>>>             hard disk activity, nor anything for a long time.  Once
>>>             by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del I managed to get the system to
>>>             restart and then could shut it down properly but the
>>>             other time I had to use the power button to power off. 
>>>             Weird.
>>>          3. Once I had a problem to start the system up.  The
>>>             graphical screen disappeared and only some text was left
>>>             on the screen, seemingly frozen.  Then I switched to
>>>             text mode with Ctrl+Alt+F1, that worked and immediately
>>>             back to graphical (F7) and I got the graphical login
>>>             screen and all went fine.
>>>          4. There seems to be a bug with the sound system. 
>>>             Originally it worked fine except the fact that I could
>>>             not direct the sound to the external screen through the
>>>             HDMI cable.  Seemingly the sound did not recognize that
>>>             it is there.  Then sometimes after powering the system
>>>             up I only gout a "Dummy Output" and no sound at all.  I
>>>             Googled it and found a solution of re-installing the
>>>             Alsa sound system and that stabilized the sound, it
>>>             works all the time now, but still no way to use the HDMI
>>>             output.  I am getting a scratchy sound when Skype starts
>>>             but later on the call sound quality is perfect and also
>>>             playback sound from all sources (Youtube, Banshee, etc.)
>>>             are good.
>>>         These are the stuff that came with the upgrade to 13.04. 
>>>         Previously on 12.04 and 12.10 the system was working fine
>>>         and stably and would like to put some work into making it
>>>         again that stable - need some directions though.  I can file
>>>         bug reports or attach files or anything needed and help out
>>>         on the testing just need some directions.
>>>         Thanks a lot.
>>>         Best,
>>>         Gabor
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