Number of bugs in Ubuntu 13.04

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Tue May 7 06:25:08 UTC 2013

Hi Gabor,

I don't know which package to file bug against either, except item 4.
Let us hope someone knows and can help :-)

Can you help by looking into the source code too (or only test and file
bug reports, like most of us)?

If you login and look at this link

You can see some bugs that are reported for Raring Final alias the
released version 13.04 , and check if you are also affected by any of them.

Best regards

On 2013-05-06 23:20, Gabor Toth wrote:
> Yea, that is how far I got with my guessing.  4 GB RAM should be enough,
> especially as I have 6 or 8 GB Swap.  Never before did I run out of that.
> Anyhow, as I said I would be willing to file the reports, just need a
> hint under what package do I do it.  This is why I wrote here.  If there
> is another list I should write to please let me know too.  I am willing
> to put time and work into this so it can be fixed for all  (including me
> of course ;-) )
> G
> On 05/06/2013 11:16 PM, Jackson Doak wrote:
>> sorry, i don't know. i'm guessing "1" was a lack of RAM/Swap
>> On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 7:13 AM, Gabor Toth < at
>> < at>> wrote:
>>     Hi Jason,
>>     Any suggestion under what package do I file the bug?  I have
>>     actually no idea what, especially on point 1, I do not know what
>>     froze the system up.  Same on 2 and 3.  On 4 I guess that is the
>>     Alsa package, or something else?  Can you give me some suggestions?
>>     Thanks.
>>     G
>>     On 05/06/2013 11:09 PM, Jackson Doak wrote:
>>>     file bugs for everything, then try and see if they affect quantal
>>>     or saucy as well.
>>>     use "ubuntu-bug PACKAGE" to file bugs.
>>>     On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 7:07 AM, Gabor Toth < at
>>>     < at>> wrote:
>>>         I have been running 12.10 and it was very stable for me. 
>>>         Then recently upgraded to 13.04 and while the upgrade went
>>>         well and I like the new stuff and changes (not a lot, but
>>>         still nice) there a number of bugs which I was a bit startled
>>>         about and did not know what bug report to file or how to go
>>>         about reporting it.  I have some time I could spend helping
>>>         on the fixing of these and thus please feel free to shoot at
>>>         me things that I should do to provide more data or test
>>>         things and so on.  As a general data I am running UBUNTU
>>>         13.04 on a Dell Inspirion 17R with 4 Gb RAM.  I also have an
>>>         external screen, an LG small flat screen TV connected through
>>>         HDMI.  Here is the list:
>>>          1. Since installation the system froze up entirely 3 times. 
>>>             The last time I had Google Chrome, GIMP, Libreoffice
>>>             Writer open and I was just talking on Skype.  The whole
>>>             system froze but I could still continue speak on Skype -
>>>             it was weird.  Nothing worked from there.  The mouse
>>>             moved, but no response to clicks.  Tried Ctrl+Alt+F1 - no
>>>             response, beside some hard disk activity, but no change
>>>             on the screen.  Then tried Ctrl+Alt+Del a number of times
>>>             and beside some hard disk activity, no change - or
>>>             actually the mouse cursor have disappeared.  Had to do a
>>>             total hard shutdown with the power button kept in for 5
>>>             sec.  The system started up normal after.
>>>          2. Not sure if related to the above, but two times I had a
>>>             problem with shutting the system down.  I clicked on shut
>>>             down however during the shut down sequence the system
>>>             froze or at least did not continue.  The "dots" kept
>>>             moving like something is still happening, but no hard
>>>             disk activity, nor anything for a long time.  Once by
>>>             pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del I managed to get the system to
>>>             restart and then could shut it down properly but the
>>>             other time I had to use the power button to power off. 
>>>             Weird.
>>>          3. Once I had a problem to start the system up.  The
>>>             graphical screen disappeared and only some text was left
>>>             on the screen, seemingly frozen.  Then I switched to text
>>>             mode with Ctrl+Alt+F1, that worked and immediately back
>>>             to graphical (F7) and I got the graphical login screen
>>>             and all went fine.
>>>          4. There seems to be a bug with the sound system. 
>>>             Originally it worked fine except the fact that I could
>>>             not direct the sound to the external screen through the
>>>             HDMI cable.  Seemingly the sound did not recognize that
>>>             it is there.  Then sometimes after powering the system up
>>>             I only gout a "Dummy Output" and no sound at all.  I
>>>             Googled it and found a solution of re-installing the Alsa
>>>             sound system and that stabilized the sound, it works all
>>>             the time now, but still no way to use the HDMI output.  I
>>>             am getting a scratchy sound when Skype starts but later
>>>             on the call sound quality is perfect and also playback
>>>             sound from all sources (Youtube, Banshee, etc.) are good.
>>>         These are the stuff that came with the upgrade to 13.04. 
>>>         Previously on 12.04 and 12.10 the system was working fine and
>>>         stably and would like to put some work into making it again
>>>         that stable - need some directions though.  I can file bug
>>>         reports or attach files or anything needed and help out on
>>>         the testing just need some directions.
>>>         Thanks a lot.
>>>         Best,
>>>         Gabor
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