Up coming Jams.

Ho Wan Chan smartboyhw at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 10:00:43 UTC 2013

Resend to Sergio's mailbox.

Also UWN Issue 305 was released today, featuring Nicholas and my post, and
also Sergio's post about Lubuntu alternate ISO testing.

I request that every Ubuntu member of Ubuntu QA fire up your Planet Ubuntu
blig and write about it!!!

On 2013-2-26 下午5:55, "Ho Wan Chan" <smartboyhw at gmail.com> wrote:

> 1. We do have Nicholas' blog post in the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter draft.
> It will also include a blog post from me about ISO testing (I do have
> another one about general testing in Ubuntu Global Jam, but it didn't meet
> the deadline).
> 2. Hold a 24-hour IRC + Classroom marathon, just like what the Canonical
> Community Team did?
> smartboyhw
> On 2013-2-26 上午8:28, "Phill Whiteside" <PhillW at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> as work has been put in for documenting up what quality / testing team
>> have [1]. It would be good to have Nicholas' blog [2] put onto the Ubuntu
>> Weekly News letter so that people setting up Jams are aware.
>> More than that, as several of us are familiar with holding classroom
>> sessions and we are also scattered across lots of time zones, maybe include
>> that one of us would be available for remote participation (provided the
>> date and time is pre-agreed) to hold a remote session, answer any
>> questions, provide links etc.
>> Anyone I have not directly emailed who is interested in being available,
>> please email back to ensure we have enough people around to encourage the
>> good people holding Jams to include a quality / testing session at their
>> Jams. This availability of people would be re-assuring to them if they do
>> not have some one fully 'up to speed' with what quality / testing is.
>> Regards,
>> Phill.
>> 1. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams/Testing
>> 2.
>> http://qa.ubuntu.com/2013/02/19/plan-a-ubuntu-global-jam-testing-event/
>> --
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw
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