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Thanks Nicolas!

btw the link about the cadence week goes to week6 if you click on it, here
is the normal link:

I hope that you have a nice Jam :D

Sergio Meneses
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On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 5:10 PM, Nicholas Skaggs <
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>  The next cadence week is upon, starting Saturday Feb 23rd. If the term
> seems new or unfamiliar to you, I'd encourage you to read this link for a
> background on what we're doing:
> In short, as a community we're testing different things every 2 weeks in
> ubuntu, and sharing results to flesh out bugs and problem areas.
> This page will link you to all of the testcases focused for that week.
> Click the links to be taken to the appropriate testcases and submission
> form.
> This week, we have the excellent opportunity to tie in with ubuntu global
> jam. Let's have a good focus this week on getting some testing jams going.
> Please consider hosting/attending a jam. Thanks to those who already have
> planned there jams!
> As part of the usual cadence week, we've opened everything for testing.
> Submit hardware, application, or image test results, or submit some
> testcase contributions (manual or automated). In addition, as discussed,
> let's take a look at reducing the open bugs against the installer. I know
> there's some nasty qemu and until recently virutalbox bugs, as well as the
> real hardware bug(s) Lance and others are mentioning. Let's drive on a few
> critical bugs, but also ensure the reported bugs can be confirmed or denied
> properly. There's a good list to go through.
> As always, if you need help submitting results have a look at this page,
>, and the walkthroughs listed.
> I'll be offline for much of the week (sadface :-(), so email is the best
> way to reach me if needed.
> Happy weekend, and happy testing everyone,
> Nicholas
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