Classroom Sessions Complete!

Phill Whiteside PhillW at
Thu Feb 14 18:28:17 UTC 2013

Hi Nicholas,

It was good 'fun'!

If the patch for testdrive gets SRU'd into 12.10, then I will run the
Virtual Box session as soon as it arrives.

@ Everyone, there was mention of VMWare [1] during the classroom sessions.
I'm quite happy to install the free version of this, learn about it and
then hold a classroom session. Is there anyone who would like a session on



On 14 February 2013 16:37, Nicholas Skaggs <nicholas.skaggs at>wrote:

> The classroom sessions held over the last 2 months are now all complete
> (apart from the on on virtualbox which will happen later; perhaps next
> cycle). You can find logs for all of the sessions at the link below. Click
> on the event you wish to view, and you'll get the log :-)
> I would also like to thank all of the instructors for putting this
> material together for everyone:
> phillw, gema, noskcaj, smartboyhw, primes2h, letozaf, sergiomeneses
> Thank you!
> Thank you as well to pleia2, JoseeAntonioR and the other classroom team
> members who helped us schedule and run the sessions.
> And finally, thank you for those who attended the sessions. I trust they
> were helpful to you and helped you to get started in ubuntu quality. If you
> have a need or idea for a session, tutorial, etc, as always just mention it
> on the list.
> Nicholas
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