Re-thinking Manual Testing

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Mon Feb 4 22:32:56 UTC 2013

Phill, yes this might cause some folks to have to learn about launchpad, 
but it's something that is good to learn -- it's not specific to QA and 
is needed for contributing to many ubuntu areas.

As far as viewing and responding to working on the needed items, anyone 
with a ubuntu SSO account can comment on the bug and express interest or 
offer patches. I and others on the team would be happy to help them with 
there contribution, including lessons on using launchpad if needed in 
order to get it committed :-)The initial requirements (ubuntu sso) are 
the same whether in lp or on the wiki. Contributing something is now a 
skill that can be used to contribute to QA or any other lp project :-)

As always, I am happy to help anyone who would otherwise contribute, but 
are unsure of how to navigate the tools. Feel free to ping me, email the 
list, comment on a bug, whatever you wish. We'll help you out.



On 02/04/2013 05:00 PM, Phill Whiteside wrote:
> yup,
> as soon as someone makes the time to explain all of this new area and 
> usage. IIRC, you are supposed to have PGP / GPG keys to commit? Yet 
> another step for people who can write a clear set of instructions to 
> 'jump through a further hoop'?
> It still 'needs selling to me'. I'm one of the olde worlde fashioned 
> people, I'm sure I'm not the only one :)
> Regards,
> Phill.
> On 4 February 2013 16:50, Nicholas Skaggs 
> <nicholas.skaggs at <mailto:nicholas.skaggs at>> 
> wrote:
>     I wanted to follow-up on this to say the wiki page of work
>     assignments has been officially laid to rest. All the work is now
>     in the bug tracker. Looking for something that needs contributing?
>     Have a look!
>     Nicholas
>     On 02/01/2013 12:24 AM, Javier P.L. wrote:
>         Cool Nicholas, a total +1 to this, I think it'll help me to
>         get more involved in
>         manual testcase reviewing.
>         One think I'd like to see will be testcases in differente
>         languages, a lot more
>         of people could help if they could be able to follow the steps.
>         Greetings
>         On 30/01/13 at 06:10pm, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
>             So, in an effort to bring more focus and exposure to
>             manual testing,
>             I've been a bit busy setting up a cleaner way for everyone to
>             contribute testcases. In that vein, I'd like to announce
>             that the
>             manual tests on the tracker(s) are now all on launchpad.
>             There is a
>             launchpad project and you can branch and submit merge
>             requests to
>             get new testcases or testcase modifications in. In
>             addition, you can
>             easily file bugs when you find something wrong in a
>             testcase :-)
>             Check the project out here:
>             Check out the tests here:
>             <>
>             So what does this mean for everyone? Let me share my
>             thoughts and
>             talk about ways you can help.
>             It means anyone can see all the testcases in use at
>             anytime, and
>             feel free to contribute / suggest edits, just like any
>             other ubuntu
>             project. We will sync the testcases in the branch to the
>             tracker as
>             updates happen to the branch. This solves several problems
>             of the
>             current system; namely, only testcade admins can edit the
>             actual
>             testcase, and credit for the testcase is not well represented.
>             So what do we need help with?
>             1) The QATeam wiki (
>             <>) needs updated to reflect
>             the new project
>             2) The workitems found on the wiki
>             ( moved to
>             bugs on
>             launchpad instead to enable better tracking. For example,
>             This
>             will allow us to better describe the tasks. We can tag them as
>             to-do, and then assign and track and work them inside
>             launchpad
>             instead of the wiki.
>             3) And of course, manual testcases need to be written and
>             updated :-)
>             In addition, I'm working on a tutorial to demonstrate
>             writing a
>             manual testcase under the new process (similar to the
>             autopilot
>             tutorial). What else would you all like to see happen with
>             manual
>             testcases? What would help or hinder your contribution?
>             Let me know
>             your thoughts. Thanks!
>             Nicholas
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