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Puts hand up... when I initiated the classroom sessions requiring people to
"Have an ISO" and "Have KVM / VBox / TestDrive" installed, the classroom
team balked. They stated that we were taking too much for granted on what
knowledge a new comer would have. I have gone to length to re-edit that
section[1]. You  are now speaking in a language that I do not understand,
so there is about zero chance of a new comer understanding it.

You are expecting some one to know how to branch something from launchpad?
Well, I certainly do not and consider myself a reasonably competent ubuntu



On 30 January 2013 23:10, Nicholas Skaggs <nicholas.skaggs at>wrote:

>  So, in an effort to bring more focus and exposure to manual testing,
> I've been a bit busy setting up a cleaner way for everyone to contribute
> testcases. In that vein, I'd like to announce that the manual tests on the
> tracker(s) are now all on launchpad. There is a launchpad project and you
> can branch and submit merge requests to get new testcases or testcase
> modifications in. In addition, you can easily file bugs when you find
> something wrong in a testcase :-) Check the project out here:
> Check out the tests here:
> So what does this mean for everyone? Let me share my thoughts and talk
> about ways you can help.
> It means anyone can see all the testcases in use at anytime, and feel free
> to contribute / suggest edits, just like any other ubuntu project. We will
> sync the testcases in the branch to the tracker as updates happen to the
> branch. This solves several problems of the current system; namely, only
> testcade admins can edit the actual testcase, and credit for the testcase
> is not well represented.
> So what do we need help with?
> 1) The QATeam wiki ( needs updated to reflect the
> new project
> 2) The workitems found on the wiki (
> moved to bugs on
> launchpad instead to enable better tracking. For example,
> This will
> allow us to better describe the tasks. We can tag them as to-do, and then
> assign and track and work them inside launchpad instead of the wiki.
> 3) And of course, manual testcases need to be written and updated :-)
> In addition, I'm working on a tutorial to demonstrate writing a manual
> testcase under the new process (similar to the autopilot tutorial). What
> else would you all like to see happen with manual testcases? What would
> help or hinder your contribution? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
> Nicholas
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