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Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Wed Nov 28 18:25:10 UTC 2012

For those who might not have seen it on Ubuntu planet, I've now 
completed a series of 3 posts on autopilot (though there will be more in 
the future :-) ). If you've had a chance to run the autopilot testsuite 
this week, you've had your first taste at what autopilot is and can do. 
I would encourage you to read through the following series of posts to 
see how you can now take our manual testcases and convert and expand 
upon them via writing them in autopilot.

My goal for all of us as a community is to embrace automating our 
testcases where it makes sense. The first 2 targets I have in mind are 
to semi-automate and expand upon our iso-tests, and to create a default 
application testsuite, that would cover many of the basics of our 
default application stack in ubuntu in an automated way. At the moment, 
we have a journey ahead of us to create this suite, and then find ways 
to make it easy to contribute, update, run and share results. I continue 
to be extremely excited about what's in store for this cycle. Even if 
your not a 'programmer' or 'developer' I would encourage you to have a 
read. You might suprise yourself! Please feel free to ping me with any 
questions you have as always, and I hope to see some bzr branches with 
some new testcases popping up soon!

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