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On 11/23/2012 01:19 PM, Martin Mrazik wrote:
>> I've read about Autopilot, and that looks very interesting. Although my day
>> job is mostly centered around using C# to write test using Selenium
>> WebDriver, I'm somewhat comfortable with Python as well, and looking to
>> improve my Python skills, and what better way than to have some real code
>> that needs writing.
> Selenium experience and interest in autopilot sounds like a good fit for
> some WebApps[1] automation :-)

   Hello, everyone! I'm the QA Engineer for Web Apps. As you may know, 
Web Apps is a awesome technology that allow sites to behave like a 
desktop applications: get an application entry in the Dash, display an 
icon in the Launcher, show controls in the sound menu, actions in the 
HUD, etc. This has been developed for both Chromium and Firefox. The big 
QA story for Web Apps in this cycle is a rock-solid suite of automated 
tests using Python, Selenium and Autopilot. This tests are critical, 
because there are a lot of pieces involved (browsers, addons, daemons, 
libraries...). The work on this Autopilot/Selenium tests has already 
begun, but are still in early stages, so contributions at this point 
will be very valuable.

   If you want to take a look, our Autopilot/Selenium tests are 
available at I'm available either by 
mail or in #ubuntu-webapps at Feel free to ping me!


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