Ubuntu User Days

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Wed May 23 19:17:10 UTC 2012

Ubuntu User days are coming up soon -- June 23rd - June 24th.


This is an excellent platform an opportunity for us as the QA community 
to introduce new folks to the wonderful world of testing. But we need 
some volunteers to have a session with a QA mindset. Here's some ideas 
the User Days Team has come up with, or perhaps you have something you'd 
like to present.


I'd add to that list things like:

running the development version of ubuntu
using testdrive for iso and application testing

Let me know if you interested in running a session; I'd like to help 
make sure QA is well-represented. And if your nervous about doing a 
session alone, I can help :) Thanks!

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