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Yotam Rubin yotamrubin at
Fri May 11 13:01:15 UTC 2012

Hi guys,

    A big QA challenge is understanding and resolving bugs that occur on
client machines. More often than not, a bug will be reported and then
closed, due to a lack of debug information or a failure to reproduce the
issue. I'd like to refer you to Traces, a tracing infrastructure for C/C++
Linux applications. Traces enables the tracing of all function calls
occurring within an application as well as provide an API for traditional,
explicit tracing. The traces are designed to have small performance
overhead, so they can be active at all times. Produced trace files are
atomic in the sense that they contain all the metadata necessary for
interpreting the trace.

What do you think about the possibility of adapting Traces into key
components of the distribution? It could be very useful to have the user
send a complete trace of a program in the event of a failure.

Anyway, here's the code:

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