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Thu May 3 08:26:49 UTC 2012

Hello all,

On Wed, 04 Apr 2012 09:33:27 -0500, irlandes
<brucemcgovern at> wrote:
> Here is the list of LyX dependencies on 10.04, list obtained by apt-get
> remove and then cancel:
> The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer
> required:
> texlive-extra-utils texlive-base texlive-pictures-doc
> texlive-fonts-recommended doc-base texlive-pstricks-doc dvipng lmodern
> texlive-common
> texlive-latex-extra-doc libaiksaurus-1.2-0c2a texlive-pstricks luatex
> preview-latex-style ttf-lyx prosper tipa
> texlive-latex-recommended-doc texlive-latex-base-doc libkpathsea5
> libboost-signals1.40.0 libt1-5 libaiksaurus-1.2-data texlive-latex-extra
> texlive-binaries lyx-common libmldbm-perl libuuid-perl pgf
> texlive-latex-recommended texlive-generic-recommended texlive-latex-base
> texlive-fonts-recommended-doc libfreezethaw-perl ps2eps latex-beamer
> texlive-luatex texlive-font-utils latex-xcolor texlive-doc-base
> tex-common lacheck texlive-pictures
> I remember LyX as having a really big download, but don't have a
> computer to dink with. I have used LyX to produce a book.

I believe these are abandoned packages that are no longer required after
some upgrade to LyX or the respective packages!

On 04/07/2012 03:00 PM, C de-Avillez <hggdh2 at> wrote:
> The actual DEPENDency list for Lyx is quite small:
> [cerdea-aws]cerdea at xango4-wired:~$ apt-cache depends lyx | grep Depend
> Depends: libboost-regex1.46.1
> Depends: libboost-signals1.46.1
> Depends: libc6
> Depends: libenchant1c2a
> Depends: libgcc1
> Depends: libmythes-1.2-0
> Depends: libqtcore4
> Depends: libqtgui4
> Depends: libstdc++6
> Depends: zlib1g
> Depends: lyx-common
> Depends: xdg-utils
> PreDepends: dpkg
> [cerdea-aws]cerdea at xango4-wired:~$ apt-cache depends lyx-common | grep
> Depend
> Depends: tex-common
> Depends: python
> PreDepends: dpkg
> [cerdea-aws]cerdea at xango4-wired:~$ apt-cache depends tex-common | grep
> Depend
> |Depends: debconf
> Depends: <debconf-2.0>
> Depends: ucf
> |Depends: debconf
> Depends: cdebconf
> Depends: dpkg
> [cerdea-aws]cerdea at xango4-wired:~$
> Also, some of the above are already present (like dpkg, libc6, etc).
> Now, if you are set to automatically install 'Recommends'... the indeed
> you are going to have a much larger install, since part of TeX will
> also be installed (and yes, it is BIG).
> My LyX install cannot be used as a sample, since I run SVN head and
> build it locally (with debug symbols).

Well as I recall I had the recommendations turned off. Besides, I
installed LyX with synaptic.

The bug appears to have been backed up by another user.

I thought (& it is true) that a stand-alone LyX is <30MB but I wasn't
aware that the TeX packages are the Big deal!

On 04/20/2012 04:46 PM, Richard Heck wrote:
> You do NOT have to have TeX installed to use LyX. Only to compile to
> PDF. Plenty of people use TeX-less installs on netbooks, etc.
> Richard 

What about the math? I am writing a technical document which requires
math formulas & even physics notation -e.g; (quantum) bracket- (it's
actually a physics document for a course). I'd like to collaborate with
someone to write it & edit it. Doesn't that requires TeX?

On 04/20/2012 07:03 PM, Alex Vergara Gil wrote:
> The best approach for ubuntu users which doesn't have a cxn is to
> create a local repository with debmirror in a place that you have cxn
> and then transport it to the place where you doesn't have the cxn.
> This is tedious but is the best way to do it.
> Alex 

Thanks Alex; I read that I could grab the local .deb files but these are
removed when I clean the system.

If you (any of you) care to guide me on how to download the packages so
I can make the install on the non-conected system, that would be greatly
appreciated; otherwise I will refer to the ubuntu forums!

Thanks all anyways

Sincerely Yours,
-Merhebi, Bob

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