Alpha 2 - Day 1 results and needs

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Wed Jun 27 14:59:00 UTC 2012

Lots of good testing yesterday! You can see the full list of bugs we
found here under Quantal Alpha 2.

Excellent work! As you may have seen, a couple of those bugs required
some fixes to the kernel and/or the debian installer. The notice board
has links to more details.

So we're in the home stretch now on getting testing done on the images!
You can see our results live as images and testcases start to turn
green. The server team has asked specifically for help in taking a look
at there images. If you've run some testing on the desktop images, and
want to try something new, running thru a server image might just be the
ticket. As always, the amd64+mac and powerpc images would be helpful to
get additional testing on. Finally, if your not yet running quantal but
are contemplating upgrading, please be sure and file an upgrade test report:

Those are always useful and might have a surprise or two in store for
the person willing to undertake the upgrade. Happy testing!

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